Diary Entry

Well, I'm surprised to read that Umbridge managed to solve the riddles and end up on the Flying Dutchman. The last thing I remember about her that night was fighting her little froggy face up to the front of the line - practically threatening the mermaids to pick her. Maybe it's a good thing she ended on up that boat. That woman is a dangerous creature and it's safer to keep her as far away from the rest of Wizardingkind as possible.

Speaking of her royal toadiness, I wonder who will be our DADA prof next year?

Diary Entry - August 8, 1997

It would be a flat out lie if I said I wasn't interested in this carnival at Cornwall. This whole idea of an enchanted ship granting your greatest desire - it's terribly fascinating. I'm not even sure what I consider to be my dream come true. I suppose you wouldn't have to know, it would simply - happen - when you stepped on board. But to be away for seven years, I'm not sure if it's worth that price.

Fortunately for me, my parents read the article as well and are just as intrigued as I am. The last time the ship had been here was before my parents and I moved to London and, of course, any time before that my father had never even heard about it.Unfortunately, we're not even sure my father can go and even if he did - how much he would have access to. It's sort of like the World Cup, I imagine, not that I would ever have gone to see that. Mum promised, however, that she would take me for one of the days and dad agreed as long as we bring him back something fun.